Zero Percenters

A novel by Scott T. Grusky


Global warming — solved. Political instability — solved. Income inequality — solved. Disease and suffering — solved.

On September 11, 2024, an upstart tech company called 5s2 releases an algorithm allowing humans to digitize their organs down to the chromosomal level. The benefits of a fully digitized body are beyond colossal. No more aches and pains, no need for food or housing or material stuff, and the ability to do anything imaginable, even fly or turn into a dolphin. 

In a matter of weeks, every person on the planet takes the plunge and becomes a zero percenter (a human with zero percent biological tissue) except for two holdouts — Anja Lapin, the daughter of the CEO of 5s2, and Gunnar Freesmith, an extreme skier who lives in the wild.

They both have their reasons, different but equally mysterious, and soon they join forces to navigate the new world populated with digi-beings of limitless options. Zero Percenters follows the journey of these last two biological humans on earth. What they discover challenges everything we know about life, identity and consciousness — and transports the human species to its next step in evolution.